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      Hello, my name is Chirag aka “Craig”. Just like many of you, I have had extra or unwanted weight that I wanted to lose or have better physique. The process to lose 10 or 100 lbs. or more is similar, but they involve different ways or levels of difficulty in reaching those goals. However, even if I gained 10 lbs.or more, I found ways to lose the extra weight and for most of my adult life, I have maintained my weight within healthy weight range or body mass index (BMI). Many of you know what BMI is, but the concept of BMI and important details about it can be found here.

      This site is for all those individuals who are interested in or struggling to lose weight or lead healthy lives. There is a lot of incomplete or downright misinformation about weight management on the internet and lack of relevant information based on significant medically-sound and/or scientific data. Hence, this site seeks to provide you with the most relevant, factual, and practical information on ways to lose excess body fat, maintain ideal body weight for your body type, and live an overall healthy life.

      Suffice to say, I am devoted and passionate about healthcare issues, believing in living healthy lifestyle, love to try and eat nutritious foods or recipes, and being seeker of truth on any given topic. My formal background is in the healthcare field being a M.D., Ph.D. fellow with Bachelor’s and Ph.D. degrees in areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, and cancer biology. I have in-depth experience in basic and clinical research in various areas of medicine, understand, and know the “clinical science” behind human nutrition, exercise physiology, diet regimens, causes of weight gain, and means to lose weight.

       This site was created to empower you in your weight loss goals by providing relevant, up-to-date, and medically-based information and solutions to address various issues related to weight loss. Any level of weight management is within your control so gain the knowledge, practical tips, insights, and proven methods on shedding those unwanted weight since your journey for desired weight management can begin here.


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