Do you happen to be overweight or obese and want to lose weight, but not sure how you should lose that extra or unhealthy weight?

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It gives you facts, insights, tips, and scientific data on how to achieve weight loss that can be structured for your weight management goals.

In this practical guide, you will find:
⦁ how unhealthy weight is not an individual problem or issue
⦁ that weight loss is possible no matter what stage of life you are at
⦁ how much hereditary contributes to being overweight or obese
⦁ what “your genes determine”
⦁ how to become a smart food shopper
⦁ ways to start on weight loss program NOW
⦁ learn why certain weight loss steps do not have to cost you “arm and leg”
⦁ over 40 meal or food ideas for 14 days or 4 weeks with mix-n-match to “jumpstart” your weight loss
⦁ eating three meals per day that average close to 1,000 daily calories with variety of foods that
include                      macronutrients in balanced portions along with healthy snacking options


Few Excerpts from Weight Management Primer:

1. “Despite, our idealism that “We are created equal” that is applicable to fundamental aspects of human rights and tolerance of human behaviors, the actuality is that there is genetic diversity and variations among human beings that leads to varied biological processes and responses to changes in the environment. However, our inherent genetic endowment should not be viewed as blanket resignation that there is little change we can make to alter aspects of human health.”

2.  “As the number of overweight or obese people increase in United States and other parts of the world, it is important and relevant to know why there has been steady rise in the last sixty years. Is it due to the proliferation of chemical and environmental factors that are more abundant in the air, water, soil, and nature that we live on that has contributed to this epidemic? Or is it due to the way our lives are structured, altered, and shaped by the convenience, dependence, and practicality of modern-day living controlled by complex technologies that touches nearly all aspects of our lives. These changes have resulted in behavioral and societal modifications that have greatly influenced our eating, drinking, consumption, leisure, and physical activities.”

3.  “Thankfully, due to F.D.A.’s and U.S.D.A.’s federal policies on food production and food labeling regulations covered by Nutritional Labeling and Education Act of 1990 and F.D.A. Modernization Act, processed foods producers are held accountable when they make nutritional, ingredients, benefits or health claims on their food products. Despite such federal regulations, food labels can be confusing, so varied, and not quite clear to understand or compare. However, armed with sufficient understanding of food labels, your food shopping experiences can be easy and in sync with your heath goals. Now these food labels will be decoded in simple terms for you.”

4.  “10 Simple Rules for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

    Losing weight is not easy goal to achieve since you can encounter many obstacles on your weight loss journey. However, with the right set of information, lifestyle changes, inspiration, support, and realistic goals, weight loss and healthy living is possible. Following the below steps can lead towards right path on your weight loss journey NOW and you wouldn’t incur additional costs in implementing such lifestyle changes. On the contrary, you will get healthy returns not only in terms of healthy life, but save money in the long term due to less healthcare expenses and better quality of life.”

5.  “Fourteen (14) Days Meal Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Nowadays, the pace of lifestyle and food choices available provide many options for eating. You can eat out at many food establishments like fast food or casual places, have carryout or delivered food from such places, and eat packaged food items present in grocery stores and even local convenience stores. However, not only can eating in such manner be somewhat costly for individuals and families, but the health consequences and joy of eating are affected by such eating choices. Unless, one actively seeks out only healthy options, such foods are unhealthy, are less fresh, are highly processed, and do not taste or look as appealing as freshly-made foods. However, time constraints, daily chores, and eating less varied diet prevent you from trying and enjoying healthy, tasty, and easy-to-make foods.

In this meal planning section, many food ideas are presented for weekly or even daily menu planning that gives different flavors, textures, various cuisine styles, and nutritious eating options compared to eating out or having packaged meals or foods. Nonetheless, by trying and eating various foods presented in this Optimum Health meal plan, you can meet the daily macronutrients’ needs and have balanced eating habits which is essential to build and have livelong healthy eating pattern so that you don’t have to follow the latest fads or diet of the day in order to lose weight and maintain healthy weight. Try and enjoy three meals a day that combined on average have less than 1,000 daily calories!”











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