Check out these practical, effective, simple, and no or low-cost ways to

shed unwanted weight and promote fat loss

     Try one, few or all of these tips and incorporate them in your life for your weight loss or 

weight management goals and living healthy lifestyle

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1) Don’t avoid carbohydrates. A simple key to steady and long-term weight loss is to incorporate complex carbohydrates (carbs) into your diet and reduce amounts of simple carbohydrates like table sugar, baked goods, candies, sugar-laden sodas, and refined grains like white bread and white rice. No carbs diets are not best ways to reduce weight and have healthy bodies. Learn more HERE which carbs are good for you and how to include them in your eating habits!

2) Water is essential for good health. Drinking plain water throughout the day is effective means towards weight reduction. Water is required for proper digestion of foods, having your gastro-intestinal (GI) system in normal working order (reduces bouts of constipation and loose stools), removing toxins that cause inflammation in the body, keeping blood pressure in check, and normal functions of kidneys. Consume sixty-four (64) ounces of plain water (no additives is just fine) in between meals or eating and add more water before and after workouts to keep the body hydrated and working in good condition. Preloading with eight (8) ounces of water before working out reduces level of stress hormones that cause fat storage, promotes muscle building, and keeps weight gain at bay. So drink enough water throughout the day!

3) Drink tea for weight loss. Drinking tea can help achieve weight loss by one increasing your fluid intake (remember to get at least 64 ounces or eight 8 cups of water) throughout the day that keeps the body’s various systems in healthy condition. Secondly, most teas have caffeine that aids to increase body’s metabolism and burn more calories per day. Finally, teas, especially green and black teas contain catechins, phytochemicals that increase body’s fat burning ability and thereby promotes weight loss. In order to see benefits, studies have shown that you have to drink 4-5 cups of green or black tea per day. The fat-burning effects of tea is best when drank without any added sugar (except small amounts of honey and lemon juice) and dairy milk or cream which can add significant calories compared to plain tea drink.

10) Eat nutritionally-dense foods for weight loss. If you consume whole foods in their raw or less processed state, then you are eating nutritionally-rich foods that you give you essential vitamins, minerals, required macronutrients, anti-oxidants, and other phytochemicals that provide good health, promote weight loss, and keep or build lean body mass. Avoid diets that emphasize only carbohydrates or proteins or fats or their combinations without including all three macronutrients in good proportions for healthy eating. Find out more HERE how to get well balanced eating plan.